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You’ve probably heard something like this before, “documentation isn’t a priority, can’t we just copy and use what someone else has built and call it done?” Docs are often an after-thought, not only in feature implementation but also in writing and curation. The truth is that documentation can make or break someone’s success with your software. Often, developers form their first impressions through docs, even before they make it to the product. Bringing documentation to life with a personalized engaging experience can be…

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Product managers

  • Seek out failure, it teaches us to think like a scientist. If you start with a hypothesis, then try to prove yourself wrong, you’re bound to make much better decisions. You have to be willing to fail, and that in itself is going to help you build confidence and be more convicted about what your strategy is in the end.
  • There are hundreds of methods for building products and running teams. As…

There’s a lot of recommended reading for product managers out there. Some of it is incredibly useful, and some of it is a waste of time. Business books don’t really get me excited, but there are a few books, articles, newsletters, and podcasts authored by folks I look up to in the industry that I find myself coming back to often. When you’re reading about product management, it’s important to take everything with a grain of salt. The industry changes rapidly, and so does the discipline. If you learn something you want to try out from one of these books…

How do you know what to build? The answer to this question, like many others in the Product Manager world, is “it depends.” Knowing what to build starts with preparing to plan what to build. This sounds like pre-planning, which sucks the life out of a software delivery team, so lately I’ve been working on a few tools that help you prepare to plan without even knowing that you’re doing it. Planning is a practice that is unique to your organization’s needs, how fast your market moves, and who’s on the team doing the work. …

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Last weekend I spent a few hours with Jess Frazelle. We talked about a lot of things: product, making software, navigating big companies, journalism, and leadership.

“When the pursuit of natural harmony is a shared journey, great heights can be attained. “ — Lynn Hill

We learned that we have a lot in common when it comes to how we lead our teams and what we strive for as leaders in our organizations. We also learned that as we grow in our careers, we’re both tasked with more complex, riskier, and larger challenges. We are making decisions that have impact bigger than any scope we’ve managed before. …

Kathy Korevec

Currently working as a Sr. Dir of Product at GitHub. I write a lot about Product management and building developer tools.

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